Take a Computing Smart Pill! A more intuitive, peaceful and heartfelt approach to computing, music, super learning and higher states of consciousness.

I have finally completed an 11 year project of capturing/digitizing the energy fields of sacred geometry, sacred substances, energy clearing fields, energy psychology remedies and power spot fields.  My original goal, back then when I wrote the iBliss book as to transform an iPod or MD-mobile phone device into a portable Psychotronic unit for stress reduction, release of armoring and altered states.

By Psychotronic I mean an instrument that facilitates local, near at hand stress reduction, negative energy pattern release and can impart states of bliss –from deep relaxation to high energy stimulation.  By altered states I mean states of consciousness that are unimpeded by stress and anxiety and mental limitation.

As a lot of you know I had the second most popular Psychotronic/Radionic/ smart pill company in the U.S. called Oxygen Research Institute up to about 12 years ago.  I retired from that company 12 years ago to devote myself to full time research; I called my new company iBliss.  We feature White Light as a primary carrier wave for sound coherence generated from sacred geometry via Egyptian Temple Science methodology. I also, with Sharon Hart, started Coherent Coaching Institute featuring Energy Psychology training with HRV Biofeedback and MP3 energy remedies for faster release of traumatic incidents(www.coherentcoachinginstitute.com)

I, with this above mentioned focus in mind, have wanted to develop psychoacoustic software to transform all mobile phone devices, computers, TV’s and sound systems to play White Light vitalized sound.  To create Video, audio and graphics energized media.  I wrote a number of iBliss eBooks then that circulated around the web–-on the breakthrough by breakthrough developments.  These books are currently hosted by producer, musician and EJ or Energy Jockey, Scott Borders, at PranaHigh.com*

Twelve years later thanks to Sharon Hart, John Research, Scott Borders, Dr. Richard Tunkel, Richard Olson, Jason Starkes, Lumin and many others I invite you to experience one of our introductory energy Apps here on our new site.

The software product line has unfolded into a powerful and useful lineup from MD-mobile devices, to computers, to full blown rock club/concert interface. We even have software for web stations and streaming live feeds like my fav, Pandora.  You are best advised to view these products as electronic energetic smart pills–vitalized sound or sonic geometry coherent sound, or smart magnetic pulsed fields. The coherence that results from restructured and realigned sound waves makes for the release of stress and listener fatigue that comes from energetic interference generated by recordings, internet, computers and MD electronics. It also clears Negative Mental Energy out of one’s energy body.

I originally wanted the products to be completely downloadable and emailable, in MP3, video and Jpeg format.  My earlier Life Energy Amplifiers and their companion manual/books, The Bliss Factor, and Encounters with the Life Force were developed and written about 20 years ago and were state of the art at that time featured in the Tools for Wellness catalog.  I have now succeeded in digitizing the Noble gasses and most other substances –herbs, vitamins, sacred geometry, power spots, drugs, shamanistic substances, colors and amplifying those hundreds of thousands of times with no perceptible distortion!  Trumpets please! These designer energetic formulations can be mixed with video, music, lecture, photos, art, internet radio, and live performance to create a multidimensional media presentation that delivers a strong, energetic lift and are a strong therapeutic adjunct. They can also be played completely silently for meditation, quiet study or silent research or study.

They can be played on walkabout MD–mobile devices–making them a no brainer/ease of use, psychoactive, transformative App.  The larger the screen and the larger the speakers and the higher you turn up the volume the deeper and the faster the effect.  The closer in proximity you are to the speakers, meaning the closer you are to the smart magnetic field generated by the speakers, the greater the result. The longer you run the program the faster the coming on and the deeper the clearing. More next month.

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