iBlissnow Eye Movement Stress Reduction Video

This video features iBlissnow Advanced Energy Psychology technology in the form of NLP/ Rapid Eye Movement/ “EMDR” style of stress release.  This process is assisted by our Energetic Remedies designed for deep energetic release. This process requires headphones to be most effective.

Keep your head still and shift your eyes back and forth while following the pendulum’s movement.

This eye movement is synced with the sound in your headphones, stimulating and balancing both sides of the brain. The eyes moving back and forth simulate REM sleep modality which is the brain’s process of stress release.

You can perform this meditation with no particular stressful issue in mind, or you can focus on an incident or issue–repeating it out loud, while visualizing it continually as you concentrate on the pendulum’s movement.


This digital product is not medical in nature and is not refundable. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery.