How to Turn Alchemical Lead into Alchemical Gold!

It is my belief that Alchemy is and was a Sacred Science. It never was really about transmuting physical lead into gold. I believe that this tale was part of churchs’ negative PR or dis-information campaign to discredit this path of enlightenment.  White Power of Gold or monoatomic gold or God gold were competitors to the churches’ “white bread holy communion”.  All starch and no measurable energy. The original Mana bread, the original last supper holy communion, was displaced by a no energy knock off. The original Sacrament was Mana. It was the God frequency; it was classic host. It bestowed wisdom, intuition and a host of psychic benefits. It was life everlasting. It was going into resonance with the God frequency or dimension. Moses “worshiped” or more accurately was a master of workship, the alchemy of WPG bread. Moses was a baker man!

With this form of alchemy, it’s not what you are holding in your 10% conscious mind that counts so much, but rather what you hold in your 90% subconscious mind that determines the outcome of your magic. WPG represents a tool to rid your subconscious mind of counter intentions and distorted belief systems that keep wanted, and much planned for, reality from manifesting. It is a sacred process.

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