How to Release Negative Mental Energy through the use of Computer And Mobile Devices

Raise your Consciousness-learn how to perform the great work-free apps and demos from iBlissnow.com to help you facilitate your ascension to higher states of consciousness-an Energy Psychology app that can accelerate your trip through energetic clearing-a tour of iBlissnow.com website- USB key jewelry that is the Philosophers Stone in digital format-the energetics of sacred substances transmuted into aromatherapy, water (structured water), jewelry, shoe soles, music, pictures and movies-the ultimate psychotronic device-transmute your mobile devices into alchemists labs-perform Action At A Distance and Remote Influencing to influence you past, present and future-energize your company’s products-energizing your own music, see Energy Jukebox Section on our site-transmuting your mobile device into a psychotronic device with our apps.

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