High Tech Alchemy Meets Ancient Metaphysics: A study in high magic and altered states – Your Guide to iBlissnow quantum technology- An Excerpt from Dr McVea’s new e-book

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. . . .The definition of Alchemy is to gain control over mental and physical elements in order to transmute, transform and purify substances and/or consciousness into higher forms–such as the old example of lead into gold or raising kundalini to higher chakras.

Energy Psychology is that branch of psychology that acknowledges the energetic aspects of the mind and body that are doorways into the timely resolution of stressful issues. The last leg of our 6 years of research started 15 years ago in a Quantum Physics Labs.

It amounted to 10 years of measurement in the labs and 5 additional years of product testing and development. Our agendas included research into Energy Psychology, Parapsychology, Remote Influencing, Meridian Therapy (EFT) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback.

My background in research psychology made this challenge of supreme professional and personal interest. We also examined, along our agenda line, the basic tenants of Egyptian Temple Science, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, sacred substances, light therapy, magnetic therapy and Micro Vibratory Physics. Some of our devotees have called this project digital pharmacy because of our ability to energetically capture the bio-field of many of their favorite altered state compounds.

Others consider these energetic remedies meditation helpers. Still others visualize them as a metaphysical aid or spiritual science for personal and spiritual development. Others see it as the fast lane for psychic development. Some see it an energetic expression of ancient ORMUS, or mono atomic elements that produce a feeling of wellbeing with additional psychophysical benefits.

We have found this secret science tech hidden in early Egyptian Temple Science/mystery school texts. Initiates at the highest level, finally after many levels of attainment, after taking blood oaths of secrecy, were initiated into the core teachings. These following inner temple secrets are yours for the asking. They are the corner stones of Freemasonery, Rosecrutionism, the Craft, Priory of Sion, Order of the Golden Dawn, Knights of the Golden Stone, Knights of the Golden Circle, Brotherhood of Light, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Guardians of the Secret and all major occult teachings. What we are presenting here are not just theoretical models, but actual how to’s on gaining the results of the ages of the great work.


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