Energy Jukebox– How to Become one with your music!

Energy Jukebox is a psychoactive multimedia event recently launched by
and developed from the quantum energy work of Dr. Norm McVea and Scott Borders.

It that quiets the mind and thus deepens the creative process. The jukebox files are a creatively stimulating experience–it is like being instantly teleported to the studio or the live concert hall. It reduces the separation between you and your music. The music seems like it is playing inside of you, co-creating spacious, holographic realms of bliss and well being through encore quality energy shifts leading to deep feelings. We invite you to open your doors of perception through this profound, synergistic audio/visual experience.

The new iBliss downloads are a result of the new level of energetic processing from Pranahigh! This free download uses all 12 fields for maximum life force amplification along with the strong carrier wave of white light. The combination makes for a strong energetic yet blissful experience. The ocean surf in the video is optional. Play behind other music or video and feel the difference!

This is by far the most fun I have had in ages.  This App will energy process any video, audio-lecture, music or picture into energized media.  You choose the silent formula– silent for MD’s or beep computer frequencies for computers that do multiple windows.

Whether relaxation for new age music and classical or stimulation for rock and rap.  You will probably find that you remember the lyrics better while listening with these psychoactive Apps.  Some describe the feeling as music pulsing through you with a blissful spaciousness of an unfurnished mind.

With computers you run the beep MP3 App on screen in looped preference, boot up the JPEG fractal App of your choice with it, then down load or upload your musically selections.  Using the beep App for computers, I plug the computer audio out to allow the field to build up without auditory annoyance.  I usually download from YouTube, converting these Videos to MP3 for iTunes for my iPod. As it slowly loads, it is bonded or integrated with the remedy and on replay acts like a sonic energy generator to replay that same energy combination you processed/ structured your master download/upload with.

With some older MD’s you cannot run our MP3 App and at the same time download.  In that case use just our JPEG fractal App, saved in photo section, on screen when you load.

You can also perform this process with both MP3 App and JPEG fractal on your desk top or laptop and then download to MD.  Make sure to keep the headphone mini jack in so you do not hear the beep-beep sound while downloading. This channels the sound energy back into the computer building the field by affecting all of the computer circuits and the electrical field.

Energy Jukebox MP3 cannot be mixed on some mobile devices as for now they do not do Windows, but work well on a computer and the bigger the screen and speakers and the higher the volume the faster the effect comes on. To do Energy Jukebox on a MD, boot up the fractal program and then download your music or video.

For MDs, you can also simply do your downloading iBliss App work on your computer and then load the MP3’s and Jpeg processed sound to the MD.  I use iTunes for my laptop to my iPod. You can download on an MD using just our Fractal App photo on the screen, saved in photo section when downloading and played back with the fractal on screen

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