Digital Pharmacy – Experience energy as a smart pill and altered state

I have digitized and printed most all shamanistic, psychoactive substances from peyote to White Light. The digital MP3 and JPEG fractal experience is not as deep or distracting as its original botanical, there are no hallucinations or toxic drive, no illegality–but a smooth smart pill, buffered-effect that some describe as a working man’s or woman’s high. These files are hybrid formulations of substance frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Noble gasses, colors and White Light. They are devoid of unwanted drug-like effects and physicality, but plentiful with higher mental functioning and bliss. Just what the Dr. ordered for these stress filled times.

You perform Energy Jukebox with all of your music mixing these psychoactive formulations to match various musical themes. I like deprenyl and peyote magnetic with Led Zeppelin and Meow which are DMT frequencies for new age music as examples. Digital Pharmacy will also have stand alone products.

The new Digital Pharmacy products will be available in 2016 on our new site,

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