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Accessing the Lost Secrets of Egyptian Temple Science–the codes that unlock the truths of the treasures of the ages: The suppressed, lost story and technology

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction.  Below are a group of laws that are the mechanisms of action of the Law of Attraction. These laws show how the universe works, how the Law of Attraction works–and what can exist to attract what we don’t want. Why you can never get enough of what you truly don’t want.  All of these laws work together to create reality. I first will give you the laws and then discuss them in the podcast. Law of Energy, Law of Frequency, Law of Vibration, Law of Identities, Law of Release, Law of TimeLife Force/Orgone Energy, and Law of Wealth. These digital alchemical/magic/sacred geometry/altered state/energy psychology processes have evolved into specific, measurable and easy–and many times non-subtle–but experiential effects.

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