Applications of breakthrough iBliss technology: Three Powerful Methods

Method 1- Mobile Device

Load iBliss Apps into a mobile phone, pad or pod.  Continuously loop the provided MP 3 audio rack App under View in Quicktime or fav audio player.  Some iBliss Apps are meant to be listened to and some run silently (silent sound).  I will show you how our research associates have developed the use of these Apps for specific results.

Some apps utilize background soundscapes featuring ocean, river and rain type sound.  You can play them on a MD/mobile phone with the volume up about ¾ vol. to full volume (after testing your sensitivity). Then loop for continuous play, which will play the same energy track over and over again, and you will hear a slight background sound of the scape playing through the player’s built in speaker.  In a few minutes, (after placing in your pocket or pack or belt clip-on), to maybe ½ hr. you probably will start to feel an energetic clearing with a resultant bliss state coming on. For deeper results, boot up an iBliss energetic fractal from the photo section to accompany it.

Silent Listening – Silent sound         silent devices

You can also plug the headphone output jack with a mini-jack and the energy will now build up silently in the device, generating an energetic cocoon but you will hear no sound–run silent run deep.  Then boot up an iBliss Fractal Jpeg on the screen.  Each Fractal Jpeg is a specific formulation.  Each MP3 is a specific formulation.  If you have 10 MP3’s and 10 Jpeg fractals in memory, that gives you 100 combinations of formulations to discover which energy assists you want to use at what times and for what occasions and with what music.  They can be played silently with mini jack in to cut the sound or with built in speaker sound on with the naturescapes as an almost silent background.

There are some files that sound like beep–beep–beep.  They are computer generated substance frequencies, certainly not danceable but are magnetic frequency envelopes of psychoactive fields. These files are not meant to be listened to (silent sound) and are best utilized with the silencing mini jack plugged in to cut the sound. Let the fields build up silently for the best effect that many researchers claim. Just remember to turn up the volume to ¾ to full with the mini jack plugged in after testing your personal sensitivity!  Then control the volume to intensify or de-intensify the energetic process to taste.

This mobile device method allows lightness and compactness for portability, in a carry around device for walking, hiking, office, play and out of doors active living. The battery time on new MD’s is around 14 hours which gets you through the day and night without a recharge.  Some researchers load these files on dedicated mobile devices for ongoing space clearing.  Low cost MP3 players are around $40.

Psychoactive masking
Method 2 – Psychoactive Masking

While traveling I found so called background noise to be often annoying.  I have, for many years, enjoyed noise masking on planes and in hotel rooms. I swear by it around screaming kids at the pool, car noise and construction noise.  I love masking while writing publically by the hotel pool. These psychoactive apps contain ocean and nature sounds and successfully–like any other sound program–mask undesirable noise through headphones.

Our iBliss programs in addition create a state of bliss or space privatization that feels like the annoyance is not really there and reduces or completely neutralizes psychological reaction to it.  The programs spaciates and clears your energetic space of the triggering effect normally experienced from these distractions and annoyances. Listening through ear buds works but larger headphones feel more like an energy cocoon that isolates you from these stress reactors and allows a more meditative space even of you are not a meditator. They can also be played through computers with much the same effect.  Oceanscapes are my personal favorite.

Meditation helperMeditation Helper

If you have started and quit meditation as often as I have then our Meditation Helper App might just do it for you.  I get easily distracted and have lots of thoughts come up when I try to meditate.  I do not really meditate but instead concentrate on ideas and thoughts that come up when I quiet my mind.  More incompletes than monkeys show up for me.

With Meditation helper (like hamburger helper!) I am able to be much more silent and generally have a better time at it.  I have been trained in so many schools of meditation both in the US and in India that I am over trained and undernourished.  This app helps clear away thoughts through gradual relaxation brought about by negative thought busting–using Noble gasses.  Noble gasses plus sacred geometry plus White Light are the only way I can really let go–let be and let free.

These Apps also work well for massage played on speakers as it helps release in the mental body, what is being worked on in the physical body.

Energized Screen saver – Wallpaper

I also suggest utilizing our JPEG fractals as a desktop wallpaper.  Each time you go to your desktop you get a mini energy clearing.  It may surprise you how these images release computing fatigue–generating a higher state.  When you play music or watch movies you will get a mini “energy Jukebox effect” of flavoring the played medium with the energy signature or formula of the desk top JPEG.

Energy Psychology

Noble gasses have a proud history of use with Tesla, Rife, Lakouski, etc. of use in the healing field.  I have for over 30 years worked with Noble gasses for subconscious energy clearing, altered state and deep energy psychology.  I have trained countless numbers of customers and clients using my much earlier Noble gas Life Energy Amplifiers–both Vision Quest and Atlantis Highlife models in workshop and individual session work.  I have written 3 books on these various applications,2 new ones on the use of EFT–or energy tapping with biofeedback (HRV) are listed in the Bookstore on this site.  These are in the healing field.    This application helps dis-create stuck psychophysical blockages and bring about a state of release much faster and deeper.  When you run these programs with a client or patient, you are using time tested energy remedies for best results.  White Light has been known for ages.
I use these Energetic formulations in combination with EFT and Biofeedback, eft tapping modelEFT Energy Tapping, HRV–or Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback and have trained others to do so too.  This methodology of mine was named by others back in the 70’s–Electronically Assisted Introspection or Psychotronic Biofeedback– a frequency envelope that generates a vision quest.  These MP3 Apps can be played for Energy Psychology purposes silently, or as naturescapes, through a sound bed, etc.

They facilitate deep work and help keep the practitioner’s field clear for more coherence and thus a higher intuitive perception.


energized soundMethod 3 – Energized Sound – Sonic Vitality

We also provide energized music for your listening pleasure. Scott Borders, resident musician and audio, video and Energy Jockey has a number of musical pieces that are specially engineered with various formulations of energetic remedies developed in a recording studio.

Some have called this technology “Dolby for the brain” as the psychoactive activity of the music allows you to feel at a much deeper level.  The music becomes a remedy as it clears mental abstractions to open deeper levels of being.

Streaming Energy

We also have a silent App for computers but not yet for older MDs, until they do windows or run more than one energize streaming vid and audio at a time.  It is opened in MP3, looped and runs at the same time as your feed or stream.  Open the JPEG App concurrently to mix and match formulas for optimal experience.  The solution for older direct MD downloading is again to open the fractal photo while downloading for MD Energy Jukebox.  They work on all streaming media tested.  Pandora becomes magical with streaming energetic remedies!

Copying files

When you copy iBliss files, distortion in the form of noise builds up in the copy file that cuts out part of the energetic result.  When you desire your friends to use these programs have them email us for a master file.  The copy files reduce coherence that greatly reduces results.

Ear buds are the least desirable headphone and also cut off some of the desired frequencies from the App. Headphones that cover the ear that have larger speakers will give you 1000% more energetic boost.  More later!

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