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Mood altering digital drugs you can use on your phone, computer, and TV to generate altered states of consciousness

For your peace of mind

iBlissnow Energetic Serenity App

The ecstatic like effects take place through a deep relaxation effect. This program ramps you down to a more meditative, relaxed, light floating state that allows for a higher appreciation of the moment.

For An Energetic mind

iBlissnow Energetic CocoaMoca

People have said that this iBlissnow formula produces states similar to coca leaves–the energetics of cocaine. It is the energy signature of the psychoactive cocoa leaf multiplied by 10 trillion times. The feeling is one of mental clarity, increased focus, high energy, and an added capacity to handle stressful, mind numbing tasks.

For heart-opening states

iBlissnow Ecstatic Bliss

Consumers have said this formula produces Ecstatic heart opening states. A unique digital bio-field enhancing product priced for the digital pharmacy first time user as well as more experienced experimenter!

Your Experience Matters To Us

iBlissnow Digital drugs are a digital pharmaceutical alternative to toxic and illegal drugs or substances

After much trial and error, we found that each of the 300 plus body points had a specific audio frequency that identified and accessed that point (resonated) and a wave shape that was the key to unlocking and releasing it. We packaged this all into audio and video files we call digital drugs.

What our patients say:

I experienced an ecstatic, blissful state for 3 days. I was able to work and live my life with ease. An incredible,digital experience. There is no longer a need for illegal, psychoactive drugs to feel good!
Maryann B
I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, and the energy/vitality formulation contained in the iBlissnow Coca Moca boosts my vitality so that I am powered through my day. Vitamins never did this for me!
Sharon B
I use the formulations to reduce stress and I am now able to relax more and sleep better than I have in years! I look forward to the new free energized videos you spoke about–especially the Dolphin Swim video for relaxation.
Charles M

Mood Enhancing Apps

Altered states Technology

Mind altering digital drugs you can use on your phone, computer, and TV to generate energy healing

Digital drugs for altering your mood energetically

Some iBlissnow Energetic Apps

Ecstatic Bliss

$ 9

High Energy

$ 9

Serenity State

$ 9

Join the iBlissnow digital drug revolution and start using energy medicine and sound healing today!

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